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They Always Come Back
A Horror Short

Written by JayJay Jackson
Edited by Jim Shooter

The love of your life is knocking at the door. He wants in. He’s been dead for weeks. But he’s back. And he really, really wants to be together with you again. “They Always Come Back” is a deeply troubling horror story. It’s a romance, you see.

They Always Come Back

Here is what Jim Shooter has to say about this story:

I hope they don’t make this story into a movie. I’d have to see it because I know the author. The movie would be very difficult to sit through. I don’t deal well with horror stories that pry their way into my id and set up shop manufacturing nightmares. Reading this story, superbly written by a woman who should be locked away somewhere and prevented from doing any more was hard enough. I don’t need to see it on the big screen. Avoid this. Do not read this story. It will upset you. It’s a romance, by the way.
Jim Shooter

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